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Retail sales training

Practical 'Sales Knowledge' training courses and workshops

Do you want to sell more and build a loyal customer base?

Practical "Sales Knowledge" selling skills training courses, seminars and practical workshops would greatly increase your selling skills and sales performance.

(1) In-house Training ‘Major account sales strategy’ - 2 days

Major sales strategy! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
What is “Major account sales strategy”? How to create the sales strategy? How to influence decision makers using sponsors? How to resolve hidden concerns?

(2) In-house Training ‘Selling to B2B clients’ - 2 days

Selling to B2B major accounts! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
What is “Selling to B2B clients” about? What are phases of the major sales cycle? How do you prepare and use sales FORM for planning a sales call?

(3) In-house Training ‘Key account managementg’ - 2 days

Manage your key accounts! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Melisa Seleskovic-Kapic
What is key account management? What is key accounts analyses? Who are key account managers (KAM)? Why do you loose key accounts? How do you keep key accounts?

(4) In-house Training ‘Telephone debt collection training’ - 3 days

Effective debt collection! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
Why is debt collection important? What is the debt collection system? How do you react to clients excuses? Why clients do not pay? How do you manage emotional states?

(5) In-house Training ‘Sales plan and selling strategy’ - 3 days

Create your own sales plan! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
Where are your sales? Where do you want to go? How will you get there? 50 questions + 50 right answers = better sales management + higher profit + loyal customers

(6) In-house Training ‘Customer service excellence’ - 1 day

Offer great customer service! - Trainer: Miodrag Kostic
Customer service paradigm? What customers want? Five levels of customer expectancy. How is customer service managed? Pro-active listening. Solving conflict situations

(7) In-house Training ‘Effective sales negotiations’ - 2 days

Improve sales negotiation skills! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
What is negotiating in sales? Types of sales negotiation. Sales process and negotiating. Ten commandments of negotiating BATNA best alternative to negotiated agreement

(8) In-house Training ‘Convincing sales presentation’ - 2 days

Improve sales presentation skills! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
Sales presentation phenomena - Informing and convincing - Preparing successful sales presentation People buy from people they love - Preparing for unpleasant situations

(9) In-house Training ‘Customer loyalty programs’ - 1 day

Create successful loyalty programs! - Trainer: Marko Burazor
Understanding relations between company and its customers. Loyalty is created by predefined scenario. Identifying key elements of customer experience

(10) In-house Training ‘Personal selling skills’ - 1 day

Improve your personal selling skills! - Trainer: Marko Burazor
What is really selling? What customers buy? How buyer buys? Advice in sales. How to organize sales force? Teamwork and synergy in sales. Loyalty programs.

(11) In-house Training ‘Telephone selling skills’ - 2 days

Increase your telephone sales! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
Organization culture, influence on communication - telephone communication – active listening - communication styles - preparing and presenting information - managing calls

(12) In-house Training ‘Direct personal-selling skills’ - 2 days

Improve your direct selling skills! - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
Paradigm of direct selling – How to recognize different types of customers? Systematic selling process (10 steps) – Developing and maintaining quality relations with clients

(13) In-house Training ‘Retail selling academy program’ - 3 days

Full 3 days retail selling program? - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
How to use successful sales methodology? How to recognize customer types and sell? How to gain and maintain customer loyalty? Learn how to become successful retail salesman?

(14) In-house Training ‘Retail selling and customer loyalty’ - 2 days

Sell retail and gain loyal customers? - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor
Learn how to use successful sales methodology? How to recognize and adopt to various customer types? How to gain and keep loyal customers? Learn how to work in teams?

(15) In-house Training ‘Practical retail selling skills’ - 1 day

Learn how to use the effective retail selling system? - Trainer: Miodrag Kostic
How to make the first contact with customers? How to communicate the right information-message? How to up-sell, cross-sell? How to use effective sales methodology?

Our goal is not a quick sale, but systematic selling to gain and maintain loyal customer base, as the only way of achieving sustained business growth.

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