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Sales training

Major account sales strategy course - Key account managers guide

( If most of your profit is produced by small number of key customers )

If survival of your business depends on your major account sales?

Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Marko Burazor - 2 days

Get the answers on these questions:
  • What is “Major account sales strategy” about?
  • What are the differences between major and regular sale?
  • Why is a major sale so much more demanding than a regular sale?
  • What is the main goal of a major sale and who is your key account customer?
  • What are the common problems in planning and implementation of a major sale?
  • What are the benefits and possible risks when working with major clients?
  • How to adequately prepare and start the major account sale process?
  • How to gather information needed for successful selling?
  • What is and how do you create major account sales strategy?
  • How to identify customer’s needs and priorities during a major sale?
  • What are the features and benefits of your products or services?
  • What are the emotional triggers (what moves them, why they buy)?
  • How to identify decision maker’s needs and wants using a sponsor?
  • How can you influence decision makers using intermediaries-sponsors?
  • How to develop needs and sell to the focus of their un-satisfaction?
  • How to identify and analyze decision criteria when evaluating options?
  • How to uncover differentiators (strengths and weaknesses)?
  • How to establish relative importance of differentiator’s influence on decisions?
  • How to decide between possible alternatives using differentiators?
  • How to influence customer’s decision criteria when evaluating options?
  • How to strengthen the criteria most important for the key customer?
  • How to build criteria your key customer do not perceive as important?
  • How to weaken the criteria your key customer perceives as important?
  • How to successfully differentiate yourself and your offering?
  • What are hard and what are soft competing differentiators?
  • How to turn soft into hard competing differentiators?
  • How to resolve hidden concerns of the key decision makers?
  • What causes hidden concerns and what are their consequences?
  • How to prepare for and successfully resolve key customers concerns?
  • How to negotiate effectively with your major account customers?
  • Why is negotiation the costly way to resolve client concerns?
  • How to perform effective sales negotiations with key customers?
  • How to implement major account strategy in your day to day work?
  • What is the difference between tactical and strategic level of sales management?
  • What are the common problems when working with major account customers?
  • How to manage change on the personal level of your key account customers?
  • How to move from comfort and control phase to fear and resistance stage?
  • How to move from fear and resistance stage to learning and acceptance stage?
  • How to move from learning and acceptance to experimenting and discovery?
  • How to form, lead and successfully use sales teams in a major sale?
  • How to identify key salesman qualities for work with major accounts?
  • How to share responsibilities within your major account sales teams?
  • What is collaborative CRM and how do you use it effectively?
  • How to use reporting as the most effective sales management tool?
  • How to define qualitative parameters for the reporting (emotional triggers)?
  • How do you use reported information to successfully manage the sale process?
2 working days training

RESULTS = increased major (key account) sales and loyal customer base

We perform our major account sales stratrgy sales training with two trainers present and active all the time, resulting in much better learning effectiveness and better price (per participant).

Trainer - Miodrag Kostic - Director of 'Business Knowledge' Inc.

International consultant, lived and worked in USA for 17 years. Experience: 3 years owner and director of "MK Export" Staten Island-NY, 7 years owner and manager of "TGallery" retail store chain in New York and Honolulu, 5 years owner and director of "Web Consulting Honolulu" consulting company, 10 years senior consultant, owner and director of "BusinessKnowledge" Belgrade, Serbia

Trainer - Marko Burazor - Director of 'BCAgency'

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Reservations and application: This major account sales stratrgy is performed in English language, according to pre-defined schedule, for groups of participants, per your individual request.

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