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Sales training

Personal selling skills training course 1 day sales seminar

Do you want to use more effective personal selling skills?

Trainer: Daniel Tavcioski - 1 day

A highly intensive two day personal (one to one) selling skills workshop that will give your sales staff necessary skills, proper attitude and much needed competence to maximise sales and create long-term customer loyalty.

What is really the sales? What customers buy? How buyer buys? Advice in sales. How to organize sales force? Teamwork and synergy in sales. Loyalty programs

Training content
  • What is really sales? – understanding of selling situation
  • What buyers buy? – customer profile analyses
  • How does buyer buy? Preparing successful sales presentation
  • Sales adviser – improving sellers personality
  • How to organize sales force? – teamwork and sales synergy
  • Loyalty programs – how to prepare and implement them
  • Company that faces the customer – essentials of CRM
Download sample of our 'Personal Selling Training' Power Point presentation (1.2 MB)

This practical competency-based personal selling skills training-workshop is highly interactive, with lots of role-playing to practise the acquired selling skills.

1 business day training (7 hours)

Trainer -Danijel Tavcioski - Director of 'KAKO' Agency

Reservations and application: This interactive in-house training is performed in English and Serbian language, and according to pre-defined schedule, for groups of participants, per your individual requests.

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