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Sales training

Retail sales training academy program 3 day seminar

How to sell effectivly and provide quality customer service?

Intensive three day retail sales training-workshop to give your staff much needed competence to maximize sales and create and maintain long-term customer loyalty.

Expected result: Using successful retail selling methodology, loyal customer base.

We do not teach cheap NLP tricks, complicated sales techniques or secret closes. We use the most advanced sales methodology based on David Sandler, Antony Robbins, Harvey Mackey, Dale Carnegie and Ron Martin selling systems.

Training content:
  1. What is selling?
  2. Understanding different types of buyers.
  3. Selling methodology (12 steps selling process)
  4. Characteristics of a good salesman.
  5. Customer relationship development.
  6. Building and maintaining customer loyalty.
Practical competency-based retail selling workshop is highly interactive, with role-playing to practise the acquired selling skills.

Download the sample of our 'Retail Selling Training' Power Point presentation (1.2 MB)

3 business days training (21 hours)

Trainer - Miodrag Kostic - Director of VEZA Inc.

Miodrag Kostic has owned and managed "The T-Gallery", chain of upscale retail stores on prestigious locations at “South Street Seaport, New York”, and “Aloha Tower Marketplace, Honolulu”. (from 1991-1999)
  • Owned and operated businesses in USA for 15 years (New York and Honolulu)
  • Owner of business consulting agency “Web Consulting Honolulu” from 1998
  • Business and web consulting services to leading Hawaiian corporations like: Maui Divers, Imagitel, Life Foundation, Maui Goose …
  • From February 2004 co owner and director of VEZA Inc. business consulting agency
  • Business consulting and education services to leading companies in Serbia and the region, Zorka Pharma, NIS, JamaxM, Almex, Pogodak, AMIS Telecom, F-Secure …
  • Guest lecturer at international events-congresses: E-Trgovina Palic, IT Seminar ...
  • Innovation management consalting certificate (Brighton University, UK)
  • Published over 100 articles on business-marketing in Emagazin and COM magazin

Trainer - Danijel Tavcioski - Director of KAKO consulting agency

  • Lecturer and consultant with over 15 years experience creating marketing strategy for leading companies in the region.
  • Worked with many large advertising agencies in the region in planning and implementing advertising campaigns.
  • Copy-writer and director for more than 600 advertising video productions.
  • Lecturer and trainer in sales and marketing for Adizes Southeast Europe from 2004
  • In last two years successfully held dozens of training courses for companies: Telekom Srbija, Delta Sport, Sintelon, Sony, (Srbija), Societe Generale, Digit Montenegro, (Crna Gora), Bosnalijek, Galenika, Tropic, Lijanovici, Mikrofin
  • At public seminars he held, there were managers and employees from: Daimler Chrysler, Di line-MPC Group, Vapeks, Tyfanny Production, Stevan Still, Hemel ...
These in-house trainings are also available in English language to organizations throughout the Asian region, in:
Afghanistan Armenia Azerbaijan Bahrain Bangladesh Bhutan Brunei Burma (Myanmar) Cambodia China Georgia Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Iraq Israel Japan Jordan Kazakstan Korea, North Korea, South Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Lebanon Malaysia Maldives Mongolia Myanmar Nepal Oman Pakistan Philippines Qatar Russia Saudi Arabia Singapore Sri Lanka Syria Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand Turkey Turkmenistan United Arab Emirates Uzbekistan Vietnam Yemen

Also available in 1 day and 2 day programs:

(1) Training ‘Practical retail selling skills’ - 1 day

How to use the effective retail selling system? - Trainer: Miodrag Kostic

(2) Training ‘Retail selling and customer loyalty’ - 2 days

Sell retail and gain loyal customers? - Trainers: Miodrag Kostic and Danijel Tavcioski

Please contact us at:, or call: +381 63 60 80 26